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Jinen Karate Jitsu

Jinen Karate Jitsu

Strong Karate / Practical Jujitsu / Realistic Self-Defence


A sensible way to improve fitness, flexibility and co-ordination.

Build confidence and increase your awareness with an activity that all family members can enjoy and a practical way to improve posture, attitude and communication. We have a traditional yet informal Australian approach to training that is ideal for adults and children of all ages and for all skill levels.

Our priority is teaching skills for a lifetime.

Emphasis is on practical combat and self-defence skills used even in today’s popular sporting styles. Gradings are given on performance so it's your journey at your pace with no pressure to perform. We believe in quality instruction with realistic expectations without compromise. We train ordinary people to survive extra ordinary events and not just the athletic few looking for competition.We have many blackbelts from other styles who have joined to enhance their own skills with our practical principles of combat and street defence.


Shihan Kym Reid

Kym Reid

S.A. Pres. & National Vice-Pres. IBF Aust.

Member of:

Dai Nippon Butoku Kai / International Budo Federation of Australia / Szlagowski Karate Association / International  Karate  Organization, Kyokushinkaikan, Honbu / International alliance of Martial Arts Schools / Budokan Ryu International / Japan Karate Ryobukai

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We have no grading fee's. Your journey at your pace, not our profit


Learning for life can become a life of learning

The club has a rich and diverse history linked to many pioneers in the fighting arts and a huge network throughout the martial arts community itself, including the thousands who have benefitted from the Szlagowski karate principles. So consider joining a style with proven effectiveness, genuine credentials and international acknowledgement. Some of our students have been involved with us for over 40years and all the blackbelts still enjoy training at the club, this speaks volumes in itself. If you want to be involved in a style that embraces not only the physical, but also the historical and interacts with many other clubs at training days etc, come and give us a try, this could be for you.


IBF Australia


Part of the "Better Martial Arts Community" in IBF Australia


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